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Meet the emc2care team and see what makes our exclusive membership program truly unique.

The emc2care team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience is truly customer driven. The Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons Resorts are world renowned for their dedication to providing their clients with world class service, and that’s what the emc2care team is committed to bring to your experience as we build our exclusive program.

Alan D. Einstein, D.O.

Dr. Alan Einstein has been practicing medicine since 1996.  His educational history includes a Bachelors of Science undergraduate degree in Physical Chemistry from The University of Florida.  Subsequently, he earned his medical degree from The College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1992.  Subsequently, Dr. Einstein completed his Internship and Residency training at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine/Sinai Hospital program in Internal Medicine, in Baltimore, MD in 1995, where he was recognized as, “The Outstanding Senior Resident of the Year.”  Dr. Einstein is also involved in medical research utilizing Umbilical Cord Blood stem cells, with a particular interest in Parkinson’s disease.  Dr. Einstein also assisted Senator David Shafer in the writing and passage of Georgia’s first and only Cord Blood stem cell bill.  Furthermore, in July 2006, Georgia’s Governor Sonny Perdue appointed Dr. Einstein to the, “Commission for Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Research and Medical Treatment.” 

Dr. Einstein brought his unique and comprehensive medical approach to patient care to Atlanta in 1997.  He emphasizes health and preventative care to allow individuals to achieve their maximum potential.  He has numerous areas of medical expertise including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, thyroid and hormone metabolism disorders. He emphasizes returning adults to a normal hormonal state, yet via a more natural route.  Many times, naturally compounded hormones can be individualized to meet the needs of a patient while minimizing risk.  Furthermore, Dr. Einstein is a thought leader in the area of metabolic syndrome and its role in weight gain and overall health and longevity.  He has presented to his medical peers at numerous medical institutions and conferences around the country, and has been featured on Video Health Magazine and Diabetes News Stand.

Dr. Einstein prides himself in individualized and unrushed medical care.  He takes detailed histories and performs thorough physical examinations while paying attention to detail.  People suffer from a variety of illnesses and diseases and they need a physician who listens to their concerns, evaluates their symptoms, creates a thorough differential diagnosis and ultimately initiates a health restoration plan.

Fairoz Radtke, PZ-C

Fairoz Radtke is a talented Physicians Assistant who has worked alongside Dr. Einstein for over 8 years. Fairoz is married to Jon and they are the parents of three beautiful children; Sabrina, Nick and Ben.  She and Dr. Einstein have formed a unique bond over many years and they work synergistically to provide seamless continuity of care.  Fairoz completed all of her education at the Southern Illinois University where she earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology, a Masters of Science degree in Microbiology and finally her Physicians Assistant degree.  Fairoz is highly educated and exceptionally skilled in differential diagnosis.  Furthermore, Fairoz is an integral component of our healthcare team as she performs many important tasks and evaluations.  She has a wonderful rapport with patients and is a kind and genuine personality.  After working together for so many years, she and Dr. Einstein actually predict each other’s thoughts and concerns.  Fairoz is exceptionally committed to high-quality healthcare and she is part of our effort to promote health and wellness along with exceptional service.

Steve Sanford

Steve Sanford is a Strategic Operations Specialist and Serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the Advertising, Marketing, Television, Interactive Media Strategies and Web Development.  Sanford has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University. Over the past 20 years Sanford has successfully launched numerous companies both venture based and self funded, and functioned as a Turn Around Specialist for non-profit and media based venture backed companies. Sanford is an award winning television executive producer and has produced numerous television programs for PBS, Pax Television and internationally syndicated series as well as thousands of television commercials.  Most notably Sanford is known for this ability to strategically setup, deploy and scale complex data systems with interactive integrated videos application which Sanford helped pioneer in the the late 1990’s.  Sanford was the first to simulcast live television with simulcast broadband streaming video.

Sanford was integral in the initial setup of Marketing Programs for Private Fee Based medical programs for executive medical programs, and has extensive experience in the production of medical media based marketing and educational interactive distribution and for hospital systems. Sanford has produced and launched a number of successful customer service video programs and specializes in creating unique concierge experience services.  Sanford is a noted speaker on interactive video-centric marketing technologies and is actively involved in creating extensive political websites and social networks for the Republican Party Candidates.

As the newest member of the emc3care team Sanford will manage Strategic Concierge Operations for the new emc2care program and will build a level of continuous improvement for the members of the emc2care program.  While Dr. Einstein will direct all Medical Aspects of the emc2care program, Sanford will ensure that the program has the most innovative and cutting edge customer experience program in the industry.

Sanford, his wife Kimberly Sanford and their 4 adult daughters live in Alpharetta and Athens area of Georgia. 

Teresa Slagle

Teresa Slagle has been working with Dr. Einstein for approximately 4-5 years. Teresa earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing from Auburn University and furthered her education in the banking industry at the University of Wisconsin.  Subsequently, she worked for many years as an Internal Auditing manager for the Federal Reserve in Birmingham and Atlanta.  Teresa is quite a spiritual person, thus, upon retiring Teresa recognized her calling to “help others,” and she volunteered at North Point Community church.  Teresa also served as a Board Member, a Chapter Officer and a committee chair for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation where she was held in high esteem.  In 2005, Teresa took on the task of Office Manager for Dr. Einstein’s practice, however most of our patients realize she wore many hats.  Teresa has wonderful interpersonal skills and a kind heart.  She is a big part of our practice as she knows every one of our patients personally.  Teresa is an invaluable asset to our Practice and looks forward to making your healthcare experience at emc2care pleasant and worthwhile. Teresa is married to Al Slagle and they have one son, Brad, who is currently attending college.

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meet our team

Meet the emc2care team and see what makes our exclusive membership program truly unique.


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